About Us

We believe that music touches the soul and heals, and each artist brings a unique message that can inspire, uplift and heal others. Lean on Music is an organization dedicated to improving the lives of individuals and the overall community through the power of music.

In order to complete that vision, we will attempt to achieve these goals:

  • 1. Raise money and awareness for local non-profit organizations.
  • 2. Assist local musicians in promoting their music.
  • 3. Promote and assist in music education and experiences.
  • 4. Provide partnership opportunities for local businesses with Lean on Music on all events or individual events, and in turn, Lean On Music will promote, and provide advertisement opportunities for their partners.

If you are interested in any part of Lean On Music, as a local business, musician, a non-profit organization, or a volunteer, we encourage you to send us an email. We are looking for help of all kinds to .